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LouMae Designs Bookmarks - LouMaeMarks

LouMae Designs Bookmarks - LouMaeMarks


Silverplated bookmarks - LouMaeMarks, with Turquoise, Quartz Crystal, and Amazonite

Quantity:  at  £6.00  each

These 'hookmarks', so called because they hook themselves over the spine of your book, and can be personalised with a variety of stones. 

We call them LouMaeMarks

Pictured here are turquoise, quartz crystal, and amazonite

Details: LouMaeMark Length 12.5cm / 5 inches (Silver-plated)
Stones: Turquoise, Quartz Crystal, and Amazonite
Stones: 4mm - 20mm 

If there is a particular stone you require, please state when ordering at checkout - special instructions.  

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