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Back to School Blues with September’s Birthstone Lapis Lazuli Blue

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The end of the Summer holidays have arrived. Although the sun has been blazing away, burning through the clouds to reveal beautiful blue skies, the September birthstones are stunning blues to fall in love with.

Sapphire - Truth, sincerity, commitment, loyalty
Lapis Lazuli - Understanding, protection

A general love for Lapis resulted in a commission of a matching bracelet and necklace set involving glossy faceted black agate - general protection, strength, support and security, sparkling blue goldstone - uplifting, and the dreamy hues of blue and gold of lapis lazuli. Contact us if you would like the perfect necklace incorporating your birthstone. 

Happy Birthday everyone with a September birthday.

LouMae Designs

January Garnet Strength, prosperity, health
Rose Quartz Love, emotional balance, forgiveness
February Amethyst Wisdom, spirituality, sobriety, security
Onyx Relaxation, comfort
March Aquamarine Beauty, honesty, loyalty, happiness
Bloodstone Endurance
April Diamond Invincibility, clarity, purity, eternal love
Rock Crystal Quartz Balance, clarity, energy
May Emerald Patience, understanding, foresight
Chrysoprase Fertility, secrecy
June Alexandrite Balance, confidence, joy
Moonstone Balance, good fortune, tender passion
Pearl Modesty, faith, innocence & purity, beauty, happiness
July Ruby Love, success, integrity, passion & promise
Carnelian Luck, safety
August Peridot Fame, dignity, protection, success
Sardonyx Relaxation, security
September Sapphire Truth, sincerity, commitment, loyalty
Lapis Understanding, protection
October Opal Hope, faith, confidence
Tourmaline Balance, endurance, safety
November Topaz Strength, wisdom, courage
Citrine Hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, fidelity
December Tanzanite Contentment, understanding
Zircon Wisdom, honour, wealth
Turquoise New possibilities, happiness

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