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Kew Midsummer Fete Saturday 16th July

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Just 1 day until Kew Midsummer Fete 2012 on Kew Green, close to Kew Gardens.
This Fete is in it's 3rd year and we have been there for each year. We have seen glorious sunshine, and lashing rain, so we will try to be prepared for every eventuality.

We will be there, hoping that we are not blown away by the gales sweeping though the country. There are lots of new designs to look at, using India Agate, Turquoise, which is a new stone to us, and lots of others.
There are lots of rides, stalls, displays and even a dog show, so plenty to keep the family occupied 

Come and find us, and if you quote you will be given a treat.

See you tomorrow

LouMae Designs

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